Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Time to hoard paper towels]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

The story behind one of the original CBGB awnings that's now up for auction (Tuesday)

Artichoke appears to be moving into a new space on 14th Street (Tuesday)

The Neptune Restaurant is closing (Sunday)

Steve Croman case adjourned until Feb. 7 (Tuesday)

Report: Attacker repeatedly punches man dining at B Bar and Grill (Monday)

Out and About with Henry Hills (Wednesday)

Former Sunburnt Cow space on Avenue C is the new home of Viking Waffles (Wednesday)

The Lightstone Group flips 10th Street residential building (Thursday)

Jared Kushner's East Village tenants wish he'd resolve issues closer to home (Friday)

Report: LPC OKs renovation and expansion of 4 St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

Grubby ol' St. Nick inflatable makes triumphant return to 14th Street after two (long) years (Saturday)

Beethoven Hall, that $25 million condo for sale on 5th Street, returns to the market (Friday)

Dahlia's-replacing salad and juice bar closes after 3 months on Second Avenue (Wednesday)

The past, present and future of 264 E. Seventh St. (Monday)

Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen now open on First Avenue (Monday)

"Please think about the darkness you are going to create with your development" (Monday)

A look at the former Rodeo Bar, currrently being transformed into the Gem Saloon (Thursday)

Post, a new cafe, opens on Avenue B (Wednesday)

About Southern Cross Coffee, opening soon on Fifth Street (Monday)

Squish Marshmallows opens on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

SantaCon battle lines forming (Wednesday)

Speaking of SantaCon, there was a warm-up of sorts yesterday with an ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl... a sweater selection via Derek Berg...


Anonymous said...

I heard a lot of drunken idiocy, screaming/arguing outside yesterday and thought "aren't they a week early for this?"

Thanks for clarifying what was going on. I'd like the NYPD to get ID from everyone who takes part - just pretend the East Village is Trump Tower and be that careful in screening who can get onto the streets here. I can't believe these people get away with this shit every year, and NYPD does zip about it.

I'd really love to see a bunch of arrests, mug shots, and name-and-shame stuff in the NY Daily News or NY Post or such - and also in the B&T newspapers where these fools come from.

Anonymous said...

IMO, those are all people lost on their way to the AA meetings that they definitely need to be attending.

Anonymous said...

Some contribution. Ugly sweaters, obnoxious noise, puke and garbage. Were we all this dumb when we were young??

Anonymous said...

Why are hoarding vehicles always green?

Anonymous said...

What passes for fun with this generation? Is the mid-west empty by now?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an ugly sweater.

I read that there is a pre-SantaCon party starting at 6:00pm Friday night, on 2nd Avenue and 9th Street. SantaCon seems to be growing every year.

Anonymous said...

@9:33 -- yes. I was just there -- few people under 40, for sure.

Giovanni said...

@12:12am it's not just the hoarding vehicles that are green, there is a green van that is driven around uptown and downtown on the East side by pigeon netters that steals hundreds of pigeons at a time off the streets. They use a big white net on a pole to trap dozens of birds at a time by leaving a pile of birdseed and then snagging them while they are feeding. Look out for a green van with a black roof rack, it has been used for years by these netters. They sell the pigeons to shooting ranges in Pennsylvania where hunters can pay for the pleasure of shooting them. Sickos.

Anonymous said...

That pigeon story is absolutely horrifying.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, That sounds like one of those fake news stories I've been hearing about. Do you have any evidence this is happening?

Giovanni said...

@7:17AM Glad you asked. There have been many articles on this topic over the past 10-15 years, like this one entitled "Birdnap" in The New Yorker:

Judith Monaco Callet was walking her neighbor’s dog one afternoon in April when she saw a man in an S.U.V. with tinted windows park on the west side of LaGuardia, near Bleecker. The man—Callet thinks he was Caucasian, and wearing a cap—got out of the S.U.V., crossed the street, and threw a big pile of birdseed onto the pavement. “Out of the corner of my eye,” Callet said the other day, “I saw a big black net, like a butterfly or fishing net. So I see it moving, and I’m thinking somebody’s lost a cat. The guy swooped the net up, closed it off, and there he went.” He made off with about fifteen pigeons.

A few feet away, in LaGuardia Corner Gardens, was Wilhelmine Hellmann, a retired electron microscopist, tending to her peach tree. “Wilhelmine shouted, ‘Get the license plate!’ “ Callet recalled. Callet managed to jot down the number before the S.U.V. sped away. She called the police and, later, the Villager, which noted the incident. “Someone is scooping up Village pigeons and no one knows why,” the paper warned.

Anonymous said...

Ugly sweater brigade.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, But was it green? That was my question.

Ha ha, just kidding. Thanks for the post. In the words of the late Johnny Carson: "I did not know that."

Giovanni said...

@2:27PM. Yes, per my previous post the van I have seen is green. The Bird Netter van I have seen several times is a green 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. It has a black roof rack with license plate that traces to back to Kosciusko Street in Brooklyn. The same van has been spotted uptown netting pigeons on many occasions. The guy operates quickly and has been impossibe to catch. He may be storing the birds in Brooklyn where he sells them to the shooting ranges in Pennsylvania. He may also be selling them to restaurants. There is another guy who uses a cardboard box to trap a few pigeons at a time, who I have seen working in the Village and down in Columbus Park on Mulberry St. in Chinatown, and he probably is seling the birds to restaurants. So next time you order that stir fried chicken with broccoli, maybe you should just get the broccoli.

Cosmo said...

Re: pigeon van - that is horrible! Does the van appear during the day or at night? I'll be on the lookout, will try an snap a pic of the license plate if possible. Do the cops even care about this sort of thing?

Giovanni said...

@Cosmo I have only seen him in the daytime, which is when the pigeons are out and feeding. People usually start yelling at him so he knows how to move fast and he takes off into traffic right away. The cops say they have to catch him in the act, but if there are enough witnesses and pictures taken I would think they should be able to do something.