Friday, August 3, 2012

City has OK'd one-floor addition for Ben Shaoul-owned building on Avenue A and East 12th Street

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Shortly after posting our item this morning about the impending closure of the Mary Help of Christians property ... a tipster sent us an FYI about more possible changes coming to Avenue A and East 12th Street. (Updated: Sorry, just realized that Jill mentioned this in our July 6 post about Mary Help of Christians.)

According to DOB records, the city has approved a one-story addition to 191 Avenue A (the building with the MRI medical center) and 444 E. 12th St. (the corner space with Poppy's).

The city OK'd the plan for 191 on Jan. 24 ... and last Sept. 26 for 444.

According to the city records, developer Ben Shaoul is listed as the owner of the buildings.


Gojira said...

Is there no one in our city government who will stand up and say no to this hellspawn, instead of giving him whatever he wants?!?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to oppose this? Did community board 3 weigh in on this? Does the neighborhood have any say?

Anonymous said...

Next on Shaoul's list:

Oh wait, I can't think of any other medical services left in the East Village for him to kick out residents and close. St. Vincent's? Oh yeah, that's closed too.

Maybe he can take over Bellevue...?