Monday, August 20, 2012

Icon EV now renting on East Fourth Street; anyone in the market for a 6-bedroom apartment?

[Bobby Williams]

The gut-renovated buildings at 326-328 E. Fourth St. between Avenue C and Avenue D have a name — Icon EV. And the first units from developer Terrence Lowenberg and penthouse-making architect Ramy Issac are are now available for rent starting Sept. 1.

Here's the listing for the buildings over at Icon Realty:

Icon EV is a Brand New Boutique Rental Building located on East 4th street surrounded by a wide array of unique shops, restaurants, bars, and live music venues in New York City's famous East Village.

Distinctive architectural features such as black and white tiled hallways, oak paneled walls and elegant lighting were incorporated into the building's design to create a Classic New York Atmosphere. Residents can unwind, entertain and enjoy unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline from the building's Roof Top Sun Deck.

Apartments Feature:
• Open Gourmet Kitchens with carrera marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances

• Recessed lighting, crown and baseboard molding, and exposed brick walls

• Oversized windows which provide sun filled living spaces

• Wide plank ebony hardwood floors Marble bathrooms with wengay vanities

• Marble bathrooms with wengay vanities

• Premium Bosch Washer and Dryers

• Access to Roof top Sun Deck

Here's how the apartments look...

We found listings for a three-bedroom apartment priced at $4,250 and a two-bedroom unit for $3,500 at No. 326.

No. 328 seems to be the dormier of the pair. There's a six-bedroom apartment listed at Streeteasy for $8,000 ... and a more modest four-bedroom home for $6,000.

As the Times noted in September 2010, the 170-year-old buildings here (now with two extra floors) were an artists’ collective and burial society called the Uranian Phalanstery and First New York Gnostic Lyceum Temple ... started in the East Village in the late 1950s by the artists Richard Oviet Tyler and Dorothea Tyler.

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CAS said...

Wengay vanity? Is that a hipster personality trait? Woo...

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd take a building like this that at least makes a small attempt to fit into the neighborhood over those ridiculous glass boxes any day.

That being said, anyone that pays that much for rent is not someone I want to know.

blue glass said...

i love the exposed concrete block in the exposed brick
gives it that east village hip unfinished look

Anonymous said...

I am grateful they saved the building and even the addition is in keeping with the nearby architecture the rent seems high for a walkup but what do I know about the market. PS how far is it from a good subway station?

glamma said...

Yes it beats the sh*t out of the glass and steel and i am thankful for that.
But once again another example about a property that housed an extremely unique, NYC-centric, culturally valuable, decades-old, irreplacable entity that has been unceremoniously booted to make way for some cookie-cutter, sanitized and hollow dwelling for similiar tenants who are very rich and likely have zero ties to or care for the surrounding community or history.
It's not just apartments that are being gutted here, it's the soul of the East Village.
Plus, I hate the stain on those floors and the partially-exposed brick was very poorly done (i.e., looks stupid, a charicature of its formal self, pantomine, parody, etc).

Hey19 said...

I hate to say this, but these rents seem pretty low, right?

DrBOP said...

Harumphh......dark floors.....let's go......what's next?.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with glamma.

I think I would be less bothered with buildings being developed/renovated if they tried to keep with the aesthetic of the neighborhood like the facades on this one.

However, EV is definitely being more than gentrified, it's being generic-tified.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

What does "boutique" rental building mean, exactly? I think it's meaningless here except to justify the price.

And, I agree with Blue Glass - those fireplaces look terrible.

nygrump said...

"What does "boutique" rental building"

That is explained in the paragraph about the organic IT cabling and artisinal waterpipes.

Anonymous said...

Generic-tified, perfect!

Anonymous said...

Our building on 3rd Street faces the back of this atrocity. We used to see blue jays and cardinals in the old tree at the edge of this property, but that was the first thing they cut down (it never would have gotten in the way of construction). Now in the same spot overcharged renters have access to an ugly concrete patio, and what looks and sounds like frat boys sit and drink beer and smoke cigarettes and talk too loudly till way past midnight. Shame.