Monday, February 11, 2013

Report: Tom Cruise sells (one of) his East Village homes

Through the years, for some reason, we've noted that Tom Cruise has a place (or five!) in the American Felt Building on East 13th Street. This afternoon, The Real Deal reports that the actor is in contract to sell a condo here for $3 million. He bought the 2,200-square-foot apartment back in 1984.

Per The Real Deal:

The two-bedroom unit features a state-of-the-art gym which could double as a third bedroom. Though the 12-story building is known for its loft-like ceilings, the ceilings in Cruise’s 10th-floor unit have been lowered to nine feet, though it was unclear why.

Any ideas why he would lower the ceiling?

Anyway! We had some good times here...

Not sure how much he owns the the building. Page Six reported several years ago that he owns five places here. Other sorta famous people who lived in the American Felt Building have included Fab Moretti, Bret Easton Ellis and one of those guys from the Black Keys.

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VH McKenzie said...

Well, I ask the obvious -- is it because he feels taller with 9 foot ceilings?

Eden Bee said...


Anonymous said...

Great job on the "renderings".

Anonymous said...

"Tome Cruse sells (one of) his East Village homes" - Which one of his homes was it? Katie Homes?

Here on evening folks. Put the kids to bed and come back for the late show.

glamma said...

guess he's packing up for plant xenu.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom Cruise
how about you just give me on of those apartments! In desperate need of a place to live!
Im sure it wouldnt hurt to spare one
Thanks Alatte!

Anonymous said...


la Muzz said...

Cher lived there for a while in the 80s...when Palladium was still on 14th!