Monday, March 10, 2014

Honest Chops opening on East 9th St., 'first all-natural halal meat store in Manhattan'

There's a new business opening as early as today in the subterranean retail space at 319 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (The space was previously home to Little King Jewelry.)

Here's the word via the business's placeholder website:

Honest Chops is the first all-natural halal meat store in Manhattan with delivery service to all five boroughs. We pride ourselves in being completely transparent in our services — from our farms to your dinner table.

We signed up to learn when Honest Chops will open… and received this message in reply:


Thanks for joining us in this adventure.

We'll start by being more honest than we should: we are new to this.

We have never opened a meat shop before nor do we claim to be experts. But we were frustrated by the lack of affordable and accessible halal meat options in the city. We felt it was time that someone worked towards a better alternative.

Welcome to HONEST CHOPS. When you buy our meat, you have our honest-to-God guarantee that it is hand-slaughtered, all-natural, free-roaming, vegetarian or grass-fed.

We will be opening doors to our store and website very soon.

Your friends,
Khalid, Anas, and Bassam

[H/T EVG readers MP, Steven Sonnenblick and Jose Garcia]


Briar said...

From what I've heard, they are somehow associated with the (very good) Norwich Meadows Farm that is typically at the Tompkins Square Greenmarket on Sundays...

Anonymous said...

At least they are smart enough to open just a few streets south of the Mosque. Convenient for the... hmmm... what is the Muslim version of "parishioners"?

Anonymous said...

Honest chops? Sounds like organic, cage-free, grass-fed circumcision place.

IzF said...

That's funny I was just saying to someone how we have no Halal meats shops around.
Oh, and Anon 12:22: I think those places are called circumcision PALACES.