Monday, May 19, 2014

Desi Shack signage arrives on Fourth Avenue

The second Manhattan location of Desi Shack is coming soon to Fourth Avenue at East 13th Street. The signage appeared late last week.

Here's their description: "Desi Shack is a casual restaurant that offers New Yorkers a new take on Indian and Pakistani food. Our simple menu offers endless choices. We serve fresh grilled food, giving you the option to customize your meal the way you want it."

And here's what New York magazine had to say about Desi Shack after its Lexington Avenue shop opened in the fall of 2011: "Truly authentic it’s not, but quick, satisfying, and cheap is good enough."

The Shack is located next to the incoming Liquiteria

The spaces previously housed a Blimpie and Young Chow.

H/T Andrew Fine!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that that row on 4th Ave is now entirely businesses to appeal to NYU students and 20 somethings.

Nail salon, last remaining deli/ smokeshop (with blimpie for the lower class folks), glaze chicken (fake korean), dos toros, and now liquiteria & desi shack.

All (except for the remaining smoke shop) just fast food for the wealthy young.