Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today in apartment rentals with roof decks

177 Second Ave. via Streeteasy:

Massive 3 bedroom or very convertible 4 bedroom - currently has 5 students from NYU. This place has its own PRIVATE DECK!

Currently a 3BR but very simple conversion that will STILL have a MASSIVE living room.

Awesome place with 2 separate entrances! Bigger than the other 3/4 bedrooms in the area at this price and amazing location!

Price: $6,500


Anonymous said...

Its so hard to comprehend this kind of absurdity. its a sick twisted joke, right?


Let the rooftop ragers begin!

blue glass said...

like a circus car - how many NYU clowns can you fit into a 3-4 bedroom apartment?
where is this potential party venue with roof deck located?
where is rosie in this growing use of rooftops?
are there still limits to the number of unrelated folks that can rent an apartment based on the size of the apartment?

Anonymous said...

Private deck. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I can see the bubble getting a little bigger with this listing, when will it go POP?

Crazy Eddie said...

“Massive 3 bedroom or very convertible 4 bedroom - currently has 5 students from NYU.”



Of course, the NY Times article is very pro real estate industry friendly.

Anonymous said...

A.K.A. "Tar Beach".

- East Villager