Saturday, May 24, 2014

East Houston back to its good ol' normal self

[Photo Thursday by @maraaltman]

On Thursday morning, a ruptured pipe dating to 1959 flooded East Houston Street with mucky water. Crews worked overnight Thursday to fill in the sinkhole that formed after the break between Orchard and Ludlow … here is how East Houston was looking earlier today… almost as good as its old self!

Holiday weekend or not, the arrows, pointing to the formerly broken roadway, have to work…

The DEP claims that the break was an anomaly, according to NBC News, and not related to the ongoing East Houston Reconstruction Project between the Bowery and the FDR that is set to wrap up long after we're all dead.

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pinhead said...

Thanks to cryonics, I've arranged for my frozen head to see Houston St. finished (and the flying cars).