Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby hawks of Tompkins Square Park practicing to take flight

As Goggla pointed out, the tabloid-friendly baby hawks of Tompkins Square Park turned 3 weeks old this on Thursday …

AND LOOK HOW BIG THEY ARE GETTING ALREADY. (All that rat and squirrel meat plumps them up.) This GIF is via James and Karla Murray, who have been keeping a watchful on Christo and Dora's three offspring up on the Christodora House on Avenue B and East Ninth Street.

Meanwhile, you can find photos and video from the hawkcam via East Village resident Francois Portmann

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Len said...

Hey! You'd better keep linking to Goggla's blog for photos as well after all the hard work she does documenting them. :)

EV Grieve said...

I always do, Len. Look at the first sentence -- As Goggla pointed out ... is linked to Gog in NYC. I've linked and credited her in every baby hawk post!

Anonymous said...

very cool to see them puppies flapping their wings. fly high, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Will Christo and Dora's relationship survive the "empty nest syndrome"?