Friday, May 30, 2014

Now, for real, final pieces of 6-year-old sidewalk bridge come down on St. Mark's Place

[April 23]

Oh boy were we faked out back on April 23 … when, after six-plus years, workers began taking down the sidewalk bridge outside 32 and 34 St. Mark's Place.

But! A chunk of the bridge/scaffolding remained up outside No. 34.

Until Wednesday night, when crews returned …

And it was a job that stretched into yesterday morning…

And by late afternoon! Sidewalk! Oh sidewalk!

And Khyber Pass!

Oh sidewalk!

According to the DOB, the city issued the permit for the sidewalk bridge in February 2008. As far as anyone can recall, no work had ever been done on the buildings at 32 or 34 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue during this time.

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Miracle on St. Mark's! Sidewalk bridge comes down 6-plus years later!


Anonymous said...

It's always disorientating when these things come down. You forget where you are for a moment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what 6 years of sidewalk bridge cost someone?

nygrump said...

It took so long because they needed to do the job right.

Anonymous said...

Presumably it cost less than fixing the problems it was there to mask.

Maybe someone could look up at the DoB site to figure out what they were supposed to have been doing there.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Khyber Pass! Hard to even recognize this spot without the shed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when the Krusties head south this fall the shed will return.

Anonymous said...

Alas you are free Khyber Pass, free to enjoy the sun again.

Anonymous said...

i think they were using that as a storage for the shed material until they had a job to use it on.


Giovanni said...

And there goes the best-- I mean the only-- bike rack on that part of St. Marks Place. Unless you like wearing a huge bike chain like all the delivery guys do just to lock your bike onto the big fat lampposts, you're out of luck.

Is it too late to switch to CitiBike before they double the annual price?

Rumor has it that Google is sending it's emergency Street View photo team right away to snap new pics before all the Google Glass wearers get lost while walking down the block.

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

Living in one of the buildings encased by this POS, glad its gone