Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spicy House arrives on 3rd Avenue

[Photo from February 2014]

We spotted a new retail listing for 96 Third Ave. between East 12th Street and East 13th Street back in February … at the time, the space was home to the three-year-old Teriyaki Express & Sushi.

And the new tenant is up and running as of this past weekend — Spicy House … featuring "Asian cuisine and sushi."

Maybe worth noting: the retail listing for the address did specifically state "NO COFFEE, NO CHINESE FOOD, NO BURGERS, NO FROZEN YOGURT."

In any event, we haven't spotted any menus for Spicy House just yet.


Anonymous said...

Pro tip:
"Asian Cuisine" = Possibly Good
"Sushi" = Possibly Good
"Asian Cuisine + Sushi" = Dump.

Anonymous said...

I feel like these guys noticed that Han Dynasty was doing really well and decided to get in on the act.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Spicy House is by the same people as Yummy House, which was a staple on this street for quite some time pre-construction of the new apartment building?

Giovanni said...

Looks like spicy Chinese is finally making a comeback in the city. There's also a new Szechuan restaurant opening soon in the old Ray's Pizza on West 11th St, half a block from Sammy's Noodles, plus several new Szechuan palace style places on the UWS run by the same family who operate some of those extremely spicy places out in Flushing. Now that the EV has Spicy House plus Han Dynasty, Grand Szechuan and Xi'an Famous Foods on 8th St., Hot Kitchen on 6th St.and Mee Noodles on 1st Ave, maybe I can stop going north and west for spicy hot Chinese food.

Anonymous said...

I have eaten at Spicy House for the past 2 nights -
we are trying to support our new neighborhood Chinese restaurant!
First night - we had sushi
which was great.
Pad Thai - a little mushy

2nd night - we intentionally ordered from the Chinese menu, which was even better! We like it better than Han Dynasty, which we find extremely oily. Sizzling Steak was best I ever had.
Lobster Borscht ?! was a delicious take on egg drop.
Cold noodles were perfectly spicy.
proceed with caution and heed the spicy warnings.
salt and pepper shrimp actually had a bit of an anesthetic effect in the mouth - some special imported peppercorn.
We are hoping this little gem will make it - needs some serious PR help!