Thursday, May 22, 2014

VIDEO: Watch the baby hawks of Tompkins Square Park dine on some rat

Here is the latest nest video from Francois Portmann on the Christodora House … showing Christo and Dora's three offspring dining on some delicious rat meat … while the parents take turns discarding the unwanted parts somewhere in Tompkins Square Park. (A quick note: Francois does not live in the Christodora. The owners of the apartment with the nest on the AC OK'd setting up the nestcam.)

Afterwards, you can check out Gog in NYC, where Goggla has many spectacular photos of the hawks at work and play. (But mostly work, to be honest.)

Find more hawk photos at Francois's photography site here.

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VH McKenzie said...

I think if these guys lived outside my window I'd probably never leave the house and never get anything accomplished.

I'm transfixed.

pinhead said...

I love the contrast of the Ave B buzz in the background with the intimacy of this family in the foreground. (Add a Liev Shrieber voiceover and this would be an amazing Discovery channel special!)

Anonymous said...

I love these photos and videos; thank you for sharing!

Gotta admit though, I would be freaked out to have multiple rat carcasses rotting right outside my window. Hope it's well insulated, so no bugs make it inside the apartment...

Anonymous said...

I've only seen hawks as fearsome predators, airborne assailants inflicting terror and calamity from above. Amazing to see them as tender and loving parents.

Anonymous said...

Pure evil.

- East Villager

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

I wonder why the hawks aren't spooked when they see humans milling around their nest, taking pictures etc... or can they not see thru the glass...
And when the summer kicks in can the resident still use his A/C?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@ShutUpHooker - the inside of the windows is covered, so no one can disturb the birds. And, no a/c.