Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Loisaida Festival street fair is TODAY; big chair photos await

Day Three of the Loisaida Festival begins soon (depending on when you are read this) … it's the street fair component of the festival … on Avenue C between East Sixth Street and East 12th Street …

There is some of the usual street festival stuff… but this one also has more unique vendors …

… and yes! Gag holiday cards on the way!

Here are more details on what to expect today noon till 5:

Kid Zone — anchored at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden 9th Street & Ave C
Children and/or Puppet Theater, Storytelling, Arts & Crafts Workshops, Capoeira demos and more.

Green Zone — a designated block featuring environmental and civic organization offering hands-on learning on topics of environmental literacy, food waste & composting, neighborhood storm surge resiliency.

Exhibitors and Vendors
Will feature local Loisaida artists and NYC based Latin American artists, creative arts & crafts, clothing, community, civic and cultural organizations, housing and health services, domino tournament, sampling of diverse Latin American foods and staple Latino restaurants from the neighborhood.

You may head over to the official website for a list of the performers today and other details.


Anonymous said...

Wow for once an actual street fair that isn't just tube socks, shish-kebob, t-shirts, and bank/credit card company/etc. tables.


Anonymous said...

The members at La Plaza Cultural have really done a nice job with that place in the last year or so. They had a bunch of really nice kids events yesterday!

Scott said...

Those arepas with the mozzarella cheese were amazing!