Thursday, January 8, 2015

People are still living in the Whitehouse Hotel, 1 of the last remaining flophouses on the Bowery

[Photo from Dec. 27]

As we first reported on Sept. 2, The Whitehouse Hotel, the hostel/flophouse combo at 338-340 Bowery, was no longer accepting reservations.

A few days later, the Hotel's Facebook page noted: "We regret to inform everyone that Whitehouse Hotel's building has been sold and our doors have been closed as of September 4th 2014." (Don't tell this to the Whitehouse website, which still has that clip arty group of people looking happy to make a reservation here.)

In the past four months, there hasn't been much activity at the building. (However, someone remained sitting behind the check-in desk in the lobby.) Plans were filed in April to "convert 4-story lodging house into a 9-story hotel," according to DOB records. The city disapproved the plans again on Sept. 5, records show.

In 2011, the hostel spruced itself up to appeal to the thrill-seeking backpacking set. (For $45, guests could stay in a tiny room where the walls don't go up to the ceiling.)

Meanwhile, the four-story building erected in 1916 between Great Jones and Bond still served as a permanent home to a handful of low-income residents.

Apparently a few of them are still living in the building, based on this sign that appeared a few days ago on the front door...

Any construction will likely have to wait until the remaining residents have left...

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Travis Bickle needs a new apartment!

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i like the glass pane front. i hope they preserve that.


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Another fackin' hotel? Why? Just - why?

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Squat that fucker. People are such little comfortable pussies these days.