Friday, March 20, 2015

Hookah Bar becomes a Brow Bar on East 3rd Street

The long-empty space at 61 E. Third St. has a new tenant here between First Avenue and Second Avenue — Pinky's Brow Bar … the kind of bar that won't likely be making any waves seeking a liquor license for the address.

The previous tenant here, Cafe Khufu, a hookah lounge, caused some debate when seeking a beer-wine license in 2012.

Thanks to EVG reader Marjorie for the photo!


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

I'm confused.

Is this the kind of brow bar that's staffed with licensed professionals highly trained in the art of brow shaping?

Or is it the kind of place where licensed professionals are highly trained in the art of pouring shots and beers?

Anonymous said...

This is actually novel marketing subliminally, appealing to both Bros and Bras.