Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New York Sports Club is open on Avenue A

The four-level NYSC branch opened this week at 28 Avenue A between East Second Street and East Third Street.

Anyone gymgoers want to offer up an opinion on the space?

For hours and classes and stuff, you may visit their website here.

Also, as we noticed on the NYSC website about this location... you may want to bring your own towel if you want to save a few bucks. There is a $2 fee for a single towel or you can purchase a 10-towel card for $10.

Meanwhile, back on Saturday, the Post reported that Town Sports International, the owner of NYSC, was looking for a buyer after losing $69 million last year.

[T]he middle-market player is getting squeezed between low-cost options like Planet Fitness and more expensive, specialty chains like Equinox, Soul Cycle and Life Time Fitness.

“Town Sports has great real estate, but it is the wrong model and brand,” said one industry source.


The chain has some time to improve its bottom line — about two years at its current cash burn.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this place is going to do well, despite their desperate attempts of LITTERING the neighborhood with their annoying and misleading "$19.99" signs and post its or whatever they say.

It's too expensive, and it's a generic shithole. People here are interested in that, but not enough. Even newjacks don't buy into that cornball culture and that ruined building facade.

Anonymous said...

The $19.99/month is more than is such an insulting lie that it's a wonder they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The $19.99 a month promo is affecting other nearby NYSCs (namely Irving) because I guess they're forced to run it too. Also, the $20/monthers don't get the same services as the people paying regular fees (~$65-90/month) so now we regulars only are allowed one towel a visit. It's a big deal when you're trying to get to work. Between these noobs and the New Year's resolution crowd, it's all very annoying, although I blame Town Sports and not the patrons. Then again, I've never known a gym business that wasn't shady in some way or another.

Oh, and did the Synergy at 14th and 2nd close? It looked closed yesterday. Talk about sketchball gyms.

Anonymous said...

That building is the ugliest thing in the EV, hands down. What a perfect shame. People who pay them to jog on treadmills are assholes.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great place. It's close to where I live, it's clean, and the people there are very nice.

Anonymous said...

I got that $19.99 promotional card in the mail, but then I saw you had to pay some sort of sign-up fee and then another fee. So has anyone signed up for this deal? How much do the other fees add up to, and are you limited as to what hours you can use the gym?

Jasonium said...

Ugh.. this sucks.
What a tacky, woeful business to have opened on Avenue A. I hope they close. Didn't this use to be Gracefully?
Iron & Silk is the best gym in New York (and it's a block away). They're not a 'Walmart style Gym' like these ones and they know and love the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I got myself a NYSC "Passport" membership at a decent rate through one of the clubs near my office a couple of months ago because I was anticipating the Avenue A club opening a block from my apartment soon.

While everything inside is shiny and new, the club leaves a lot to be desired. Considering they have 4 floors of space, they lack basic equipment and amenities. On each floor, the equipment is in the front and very back...with central/connecting areas that are dead space. And the main stairwell is about as wide as the gym floor itself.

Irving Place has about the same square footage, but twice the equipment.

I would say my overall reaction is "meh." But I'm glad there's a good gym a block from home.

Anonymous said...

50 for onetime signup - great deal, nice gym and if you're worried about an "ugly building" to workout in, perhaps you need work on your brain and not your abs!?