Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Post helping sell the landmark 190 Bowery for prime retail use

A reader shared this with us from yesterday's Post … a full-page ad for 190 Bowery, the historic Germania Bank Building on the corner of Spring Street.

Aby Rosen of RFR Realty purchased the six-story, 72-room, 37,000-square-foot building from photographer Jay Maisel for a recently reported $55 million. (Maisel bought the property in 1966 for $102,000.)

RFR is currently marketing the building's first and second floors for retail use. Maybe something that might appeal to Post readers.

190 Bowery was designated a New York City landmark on March 29, 2005. As for the rest of the building, no word just yet what might happen to the upper floors. Condos? Hotel?

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Giovanni said...

How about a bowling alley? Oh, that's right, no one buys a building for $55 million and puts in a bowling alley, unless it's a private bowling alley that never, ever gets used.

Anonymous said...

> in 1966 for $102,000

what is that in 2015 dollars?


Anonymous said...

"in 1966 for $102,000

what is that in 2015 dollars"

According to the good ole Inflation Calculator it's about $740,000.

Anonymous said...

No more hotels, please!

Anonymous said...

The Bloomberg inflation calculator puts that number at $55 million.

Anonymous said...

I think Shelter, 108, Mouthpiece & Bad Trip played there in the 90s.

Anonymous said...

I guess the graffiti will be erased, too bad . There is a Sacer tag from Dash Snow still on an upper spot, side wall.