Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What you can rent the former Benny's Burritos location for on Avenue A

Benny's closed for good here at East Sixth Street back in November. The Benny's to-go space next door closed then on Feb. 28.

At the time there were some rather generic-looking for rent signs hanging above the storefront… and we never did spot a listing online for the space.

Anyway, there's now a new listing at Bond New York.

A few details:

Fully Operational Corner Location Restaurant. Super Desirable East Village Avenue A at 6th Street...
No Key Money!!!

1,300 sq ft main dining space & Kitchen. Plus a 1600sqf Basement set up as a full prep kitchen with 2 walk-in boxes

Also seating for 9 tables/18 chairs outside the cafe.

Asking rent: $22,000.

We asked about the to-go space next door. Here's what a Bond rep told us: "The to-go space can be combined or rented separately ... together with the main space it would be an additional $5,500 and stand alone it would be $6,500."

The to-go space is 450 square feet upstairs and 600 square feet downstairs. It has also its own kitchen and walk-in fridge downstairs.

So.. doing some math… both spaces together: $27,500.

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Images via the Bond New York website


Anonymous said...

....and the rents are so crazy that Toys R Us is leaving Times Square

Anonymous said...

Fuck the landlords. Benny's was an underrated EV institution.

Anonymous said...

"the rents are so crazy that Toys R Us is leaving Times Square"

Kind of my point for sometime, tourists for the most part don't spend much money outside of cheapish hotel rooms, half priced Broadway show tickets, chain restaurants, and stores that are exactly the same where they live. The city has been designed for tourist in the past 10 years with any new public space being swallowed up by the masses (the high line) or just more of the same (urban) shopping malls.

Anonymous said...

The neighborhood is crashing and burning all around us this is just one more sign.

dmbream said...

Crazy as it seems, the stand alone sounds like one of the better deals in the neighborhood for that kind of space.