Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Construction watch: 327 E. 9th St.

[Photo from March 2013 by Jeff Day]

Work started on the new residential building at 327 E. Ninth St., a former parking lot between First Avenue and Second Avenue, back in February 2013.

As we first reported in August 2012, a six-story, two-unit residential building via Icon Realty will eventually rise here.

Here's a look at the progress a few months short of its three-year construction anniversary...

Eventually, No. 327 will look like ...

[Via Curbed]

Construction workers told an EVG reader who lives nearby that construction wouldn't be complete for another year. The reader found that hard to believe ("how long does it take to build a six-story residence?"), but that's what he was told.

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Anonymous said...

ICON's finances are not all that great. They keep funding these purchases through fishy finance companies...nothing seems to get done. Look at the construction on the building where the Stage sits. How long have they been mired in this crap?

They are one crappy company.

Anonymous said...

One of the mysteries of the EV - once they finish digging that basement hole, how do they get that heavy machinery out of the hole???

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Looks like they did away with the arched windows.

Annoyed neighbor said...

No one should be allowed to tie up a block for that long.

Anonymous said...

@goggla: Yep. Drawings showing arched windows are cheap, but they realized that actually *installing* arched windows was costly.

Doesn't matter because (as far as I can tell) all Icon buildings are done to the lowest possible standard.

Anonymous said...

3 and a half years of constant noise - banging, drilling, grinding and shouting, all day, everyday but Sunday, (when we get to listen to the neighbor's rescued dog bark all day). It's still going on, they are outrageously (read, years) behind schedule. The phone numbers don't work. You have to talk to the workers if you want more info, but all they know is ...next to nothing. We live behind the building, on 10th street. Nobody on the block could possibly be ok with this. And all this for a building that adds 2 residential units to the neighborhood. There are years of pent up resentment festering among all the neighbors. So, welcome, new neighbors! If you ever come. Please be quiet in honor of the noise and stress many have endured to ensure you are provided with a lovely, new, spacious living accommodation, while everyone around you overpays to live in tiny closet-less quarters.