Monday, February 8, 2016

A for rent sign at the former Sounds space on St. Mark's Place

As you know, Sounds closed in October at 20 St. Mark's Place after 36 years selling records, tapes and CDs. The second-floor retail space had been on the market since February 2014.

We never saw any for rent signs on the space... until now...

We didn't spot the listing at the Halstead site just yet. There is a listing, which was first posted in February 2014, for the space at LoopNet ... it was updated this past Jan. 21. The asking rent is $22,000...

There was a rumor that the former Sounds was going to be fitted for an Indian restaurant. (That seems like a really expensive proposition to convert/vent this landmarked space for a restaurant...)

The historic building between Third Avenue and Second Avenue was recently sold to Klosed Properties. The building's lone business tenant, the Grassroots Tavern, has a lease for the next five years... with an option after that for renewal.

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Anonymous said...

"Klosed" Properties lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will be a Green Cafe site

Anonymous said...

Wine bar!