Friday, February 5, 2016

An incentive to spend some time on East 9th Street this month

Several of the merchants on East Ninth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue are having a block-wide sale this month.

Here's info that we received: "From now until Feb 29, come and take advantage of some great bargains. Each participating merchant will have their own take on the 9.99% off sale theme. Shop the block, score some fab deals, meet the neighbors, and even better, support small, local businesses."

[Images via Clayworks Pottery]

H/T EVG contributor Steven


Anonymous said...

For those who weren't here in those days: Eileen Fisher began with this small store, sewing her designs in the back room. This location supports local designers by giving them a showcase for jewelry and accessories.

While the rest of the neighborhood goes the way of chain stores, it's always a relief to visit 9th St and take in the delights of these independent little shops.

Anonymous said...

I'm also happy the vet is joining in. (Prescription cat food is $$$!)

equilibrist said...

Why is Verameat not on this list?

EVQP said...

Bravo 9th Street! One of the best blocks in the 'hood. Scratch that - one of the best blocks in the city!

28yearsanEVresident said...

I shop the boutiques along 9th street on a regular basis and this last weekend was looking forward to doing so again and taking advantage of this great neighborhood promotion.

I began looking for some gifts at Dinosaur Hill and am sorry to report that when I got to the cash register they told me that the discount could only apply to my NEXT purchase. Forget that I was buying a number of items, forget that I shopped there numerous times over the years, forget that I politely told the folks at the counter that handling it that way felt like bait and switch and was terrible customer relations--they weren't budging. It was honestly kind of shocking.

Caveat emptor.

Anonymous said...

FYI: There is no uniform policy on how the participating stores choose to incorporate the 9.99% sale theme into the promotion. Every store has their own individual take. I'm sure that each business will be glad to tell you what they are offering. Check ahead with the shops involved about what their special deal might be.