Friday, February 12, 2016

Rumors: Ethiopian to give way to high-end Japanese on East 3rd Street

The Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant closed late last summer on East Third Street near Avenue B... the closure was supposed to be temporary, for building renovations. However, as far as we know, the restaurant never reopened.

Now a tipster writes in:

The Ethiopian place that closed on East Third has new owners now who plan to make the space into "a high-end Japanese-food restaurant specializing in tempura" but "not a sushi place."


Hey19 said...

I didnt notice this place closed, but I have to say, the staff were so nice in there. When I lived around that corner I would see them a lot, and tried the resto once or twice, and the food wasnt for me, but the staff were lovely, sorry to see they closed. Great dry cleaner there too.

Glenn said...

Good luck with that. There's a pretentious Japanese place just around the corner on B, that replaced my beloved Egyptian falafel place, and it's always empty.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Glenn. Not gonna work. We don't need the "high-end" bullshit. And they were very sweet at the Ethiopian place and the food was delicious. Any operator will be better than the shit storm that has brewed between Poco and No Malice Palace, but the bullshit "high-end" line has me weary.