Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A last (maybe) look at 100 Avenue A

Construction wrapped up in recent weeks at 100 Avenue A, Ben Shaoul's condoplex between Sixth Street and Seventh Street. The entrance (above) was ready for entry action the week of Thanksgiving.

To date, we haven't actually seen anyone moving into the 32-unit building... this past weekend, someone left all the lights on...

As previously noted, residences at the 6-story 8-story building started at $1.3 million. The website for broker Nestseekers shows that just two units are currently available. (Hey, nudity sells!)

The Blink Fitness Center in the retail space opened on Oct. 25, and it appears to be doing decent business. And if you're looking for an investment, the retail portion of the building is for sale for just a little less than $24 million.

Shaoul bought the former theater-turned market at 100 Avenue A in the spring of 2013 for $15.5 million. The demolition started in November 2013.


And a look back to 2009, when the one-time movie theater was East Village Farms...

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Brian said...

These are mostly small 2BRs costing $2500+/sf plus very high monthly tax and condo fees $2000+/month. Who the f%÷×! with that kind of money would want to live there? What does that do the the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks better than that old abandoned-looking place, with the horizontal whatzit.

Anonymous said...

Looks better? Too bad the theater wasn't viable as a restoration project. C'est la fromage. More turnover, more temporary "nabe" culture of nothingness.

cmarrtyy said...

My only regret about the old Hollywood is that it was a potential landing spot for the Sunshine Cinema which lost its lease due to construction. Otherwise score another one for GREED.

Anonymous said...

Why did the front of the theater look like the back of the theater?

Anonymous said...

Function over form, that's why.

Scuba Diva said...

Why did the front of the theater look like the back of the theater?

It isn't the front of the theater; it's the side.