Tuesday, March 7, 2017

120 E. 10th St. returns to the market

[Photo from 2010]

Back in 2015, 120 E. 10th St., "a well-preserved six-story Anglo Italianate townhouse" between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, hit the market for $7.5 million.

That home has arrived back on the market via a new broker, Halstead Property.

One of the Rarest, most desirable townhouses to be offered in over a decade, 120 East 10th Street is currently a 3-4 unit Anglo Italianate townhouse which has been preserved meticulously. 10th street is considered to be one of the most desirable blocks in the East Village. This is a one of a kind opportunity to own a quintessential Village townhouse. Whether It be a single family conversion, live with income or straight income property, this property checks the boxes for all of these opportunities.

OK, well, this was offered less than two years ago... anyway!

This stunning Anglo-Italianate row house was designed by James Renwick Jr.,in approximately 1860. James Renwick Jr. was one of the most successful architects of his time, having also designed the St. Patrick's Cathedral, Grace Church, and the Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) in Washington D.C.

And the configuration ...

The Garden apartment, is made up of the first floor and garden floor. 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and private garden access. This apartment also has a private entrance below the main stoop. The Second floor — The Original Parlor floor is currently configured as a one-bedroom apartment with the highest ceiling height in the building. The Third Floor - one-bedroom apartment with soaring ceilings, wood burning fireplace. The Top two floors — A two bedroom 2-bathroom duplex with a skylight, renovated eat in kitchen. Sun filled apartment with private internal stair case. Decked roof deck with impressive views North and South ...

The price now: $6.8 million

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Cosmo said...

Woo, sale! I know things are bad when $6.8M sounds like a deal.

Anonymous said...

Tiny, tiny, tiny, and made more tiny when you take out all the space the staircases use up.

And I love that listing on Streeteasy says "building amenities: garage parking"!

Whoever pays that much for the place gets the new "Stupid Buyer Award".

Anonymous said...

On March 7th in 1846...Grace Episcopal Church is consecrated at Broadway and 10th Street.

Scuba Diva said...

Actually, this is a beautiful, historic row house with a lot of history. One of its neighbors—I think on the Stuyvesant Street side—was a brothel in the early 20th century.

I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money; are you telling me you wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

@Scuba Diva: Yes, I am telling you that I would not buy it if I had that kind of money. $6.8 million is a pretty big piece of change, and the house is currently divided into 4 apartments, so for it to be a single-family home would cost a ton of $$ in renovations.

Size-wise, the listing says 18 x 36 feet interior - so total sq. footage for each floor is 648; now subtract the square footage taken up by the staircase(s) and adjacent hallways, and you're down to about a generously sized studio apartment on each level.

A 6th floor walk-up is still a 6th-floor walk-up, no matter what kind of building it's in, and even if it's part of a duplex!

Notice they don't show much of the inside of the house in any of the listing photos.

For $6.8, I'd be buying in a building with full services, esp. where I didn't have to walk up & down stairs, a consideration as I get older & my knees are more creaky. And where they didn't need a sprinkler system to comply with the law!

Anonymous said...

You are right, its tiny. The listing actually says the building is 18 x 36, but the interior measurements are actually smaller because of the thickness of the exterior walls.