Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Little Tong Noodle Shop looks ready to open

[Photo from Saturday]

Signage for Little Tong Noodle Shop arrived back on Thursday ... as the restaurant from chef Simone Tong, who worked for Wylie Dufresne’s now-closed wd~50 on Clinton Street, prepares to open soon. March 23 is the expected opening date. Updated: A rep said that they are targeting March 25 or 26.

Meanwhile, you can find some of the restaurant's dishes at their Instagram account...

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Little Tong Noodle Shop taking the former Schnitz space on 1st Avenue


sophocles said...

Looks like it's worth a try, if the price is right.

Anonymous said...

My prediction, the tourists in line at Momofuko will get confused and stand in line for this place and not notice a difference.

crotzky said...

Ano 8:37

Well the owner/chef is WD-50 alum so there might be a line too

Anonymous said...


That was my point another foodie place on 1st Ave, yay?