Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Performance at Vector Gallery draws heavy FDNY presence on 3rd Street

Tonight over on Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B, the Vector Galley was hosting an event/performance described as "a Vectorian Mass dedicated to the 'Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.'"

Whether there was an issue related to over-crowding or perhaps a report of a fire, the FDNY showed up around 9:20 ...

Per one witness: "The FDNY has had 3 trucks parked outside for at least 20 minutes now. Seems like a fire code violation for capacity though I heard one person say they saw people burning stuff in the small gallery."

Here's more on tonight's event at the gallery:

B!R!A!VANA is an alchemical exorcise to advance The so-called "Peace Process" beyond the impasse that has become salient to the frozen architecture of the region.

As always, we are delighted to micromanage the political affairs of The Middle East and will employ ritual pageantry to advance the immortal will of our imperial interests.

BRAVANA will feature new visual art by Crown Prince of Hell JJ Brine as well performances by Ministers of The Vectorian Government.

Vectorian Minister of State ("The Enforcer") Lena Marquise will manifest Syrian First Lady ASMA AL-ASSAD.

Vectorian Minister of Growth ("The Soldier") Michael Bianchino will manifest UNCLE SAM.

Vectorian Minister of Ceremonies ("The Bride") Cecily Feitel will manifest THE ULTRA-ZIONIST ISRAELI SETTLER.

Vectorian Minister of Education ("The Assassin") Montgomery Harris will manifest THE PALESTINIAN PROTESTOR.

The gallery opened back in August.

Thank you to Aaron Wilson for the photos!


Cosmo said...

Now THAT's an art opening!

Anonymous said...

Any time there is a performance that deals with Palestine, it's interrupted. The police, the fire department, health inspector... It's not a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Steve Croman owns this building !