Saturday, March 4, 2017

Updated: Man in hockey mask shoves reporter to the ground during live broadcast on Delancey Street

Police are looking for a man who confronted then shoved CeFaan Kim, a correspondent for ABC 7, during a live broadcast on Delancey and Norfolk last night, as Patch reported.

Kim tweeted a clip of the incident this afternoon...

A man in a hockey mask is seen shoving Kim to the ground. The man, who takes off his mask on live television, then says Kim attacked him.

Updated 3/6:

The Post talks with the mask-wearing man, Key Jonta Foster, who goes by the stage name Majesty Da Rebel.

“The reason I did it was because I knew I’d get negative feedback from it,” Foster told The Post. “I can always flip that. I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity to promote my video and mixed tape. From the beginning, it was friendly — I put my arm around him, and then he pushed me, grabbed me.”

Updated 3/7

Foster turned himself in, DNAinfo reports.


Anonymous said...

"You attacked ME (wussup)"

Why is it feeling like nobody can own up to their shit in 2017. People have always been dicks but it just seems that lately people have a very weird relationship with truth and reality. "You attacked me." That's very Trumpish isn't it.

Edmund Dunn said...

My friend is in Philly right now, SantaCon like St. Paddy’s crap is rolling down the slime pub crawl way, same MO as SantaCon. Is the same thing happening here last night, maybe that’s what this assault is all about, not really a hate crime, just your typical Bro crap? Here’s his report. BTW, he’s Irish. Be afraid for next 3 weekends in the EV.

1 We are in Philadelphia and the St Paddy's day BS has already begun.”
2. It's two weeks away and they are everywhere.
3. Also it's 1:30 and the one girl is wasted and crying.
4. They are splitting the bill six ways. $20 unlimited mimosas and they have thankfully been cut off.
5. Now they are asking for more mimosas after being cut off and splitting the bill six ways. Drunk girl has locked herself in the bathroom.

Sound familiar?

Giovanni said...

That sure looks like Majesty da Rebel to me. He should be easy to find. Look for him over on Avenue D. Here's his YouTube Jason Official video. He wears that same Jason mask, has the same facial hair.

And here's his Twitter feed

Maybe with all this exposure he will sell some records. Maybe that was the whole point.

Anonymous said...

I hope they catch this loser soon. He is a little old to be walking around wearing a mask harassing people. Seriously, this is what a grown man does?

Anonymous said...

"Majesty da Rebel"

Well, he needs to be interviewed at least, that's for sure. Someone (ABC7 ASAP?) better save that YouTube, who knows how long it will be up and active.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, there's your man

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, the guy in the video even says "Majesty da Rebel" so yeah, its clear who it is. He can be easily found if they are actually trying to find him.

Anonymous said...

Scuba Diva said...

Crack is wack.

DrGecko said...

Meh. No chainsaw, no foul.

Anonymous said...

I just posted the link on his Twitter feed. It's almost certainly him.

JQ LLC said...

Unfuckingbelievable. Fucking Social Media. The lengths motherfuckers go to promote themselves. What sucks is that I had to click that link to his video and that bag of dicks and shit will used it to show he's got more fans.

This is going to happen more, especially since that shithead Troy Ave is more famous after he got indicted for weapon possession after a show he had in Irving Plaza a year ago that got a man, his friend by the way, killed.

As for his "song" Jason (wow, so contemporary), there is a line from BDP's My Philosophy that comes to mind

Rap is like a set-up, a lot of games
A lot of suckers with colorful names
I'm so-and-so, I'm this, I'm that
Huh, but they all just wick-wick-wack

Giovanni said...

Looks like MajestyDaRebel wants his 15 minutes of fame--he posted a screen cap from the news broadcast with his arm around CeFaan Kim on his Instagram, and he says it was him. Says he did it for the fame. And he says he's not turning himself in. Here's some friendly advice, your Majesty--claim temporary insanity, or say you were drunk, and turn yourself in. Or just say Jason made you do it. And then get some anti-media lawyer to take your case pro-Bono. I'm sure Trump can help you with that part.

Via Instagram:

majestydarebel When you see an opportunity you take it without fear💯💪🏿#itsjasonseason #opportunity #abc7eyewitness

majestydarebel. Incarcerated for what self defense lmao please I saw an opportunity I took it and I'm willing to live with the consequences. It's either you wit me or against me. Much love peace

chejacevedo@majestydarebel It really isn't clear who started the actual fighting in the video buy you will be blamed because you initiated contact in the first place with a journalist that was simply doing his job. Personally it looked to me like the journalist escalated the issue after your initial contact with him but, you know what kind of world we live in. When ever the occasion arises, the benefit of the doubt is never given to us. Get a lawyer and turn yourself in and hope you can plead down to a misdemeanor. ✌🏿

majestydarebel@chejacevedo Please save the bullshit for the birds I'm not turnin myself in Fam I appreciate the music comment peace and keep it pushin

Anonymous said...

What a loser. This man needs some professional help. The reporter must have been scared. I would be.

Anonymous said...

What a sad attempt at getting attention. If he was a real musician, his music would speak for itself. He wouldn't have to resort to a stunt to get attention. How much you want to bet he still lives at home with his mom? It's time for him to grow up and be an adult.

Anonymous said...

Majesty--his real name is Key Jonta Foster--did an interview with the New York Post and said he did this to get publicity for his music. The reporter was there to report on an attempted rape in the neighborhood. Apparently, this self-promoter didn't care about that.

Gojira said...

But somehow this is preferable to stumbling junkies in some people's minds.

Eden Bee said...

Damn he REALLY wants to know what's up. If he let the guy report the news he would know what's up. IRONIC.