Friday, April 14, 2017

Memorial and singing tribute for David Peel tomorrow

There's a Memorial Wake for David Peel at the Peter Jarema Funeral Home, 129 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, tomorrow from 3-7. (The flyer via Facebook incorrectly states 4-7.) Afterwards, there will be a singing tribute of his music in Tompkins Square Park.

The longtime East Village resident died on April 6. He was 73.


mosaicman jim power said...

mosaic man has paid tribute . along with julie powell ray cosoo and long time assistant lorraine connelly to david peel to last for ever on light pole at corner of astor and 3 rd ave in progress on new poles at astor design commissionhistorical artifacts 30 th tear mosaic trail 1987-2017

Scooby said...

Thank you, Jim Power for your tribute. That is a wonderful thing for you to have done. You were a pleasure to meet years ago and your spirit is still wonderful. Much Respect.