Monday, June 5, 2017

Chao Chao has not been open lately

Chao Chao, the 6-month-old contemporary Vietnamese restaurant at 171 Avenue A, has not been open for business the past two weeks, according to multiple neighbors.

There isn't any notice about a temporary closure on the front door or online. While the phone number is still active at owner and chef Stephan Brezinsky's restaurant, reservations aren't available and delivery via Caviar notes that Chao Chao "does not exist." We reached out to the publicist last week who sent us Chao Chao's opening notice and have yet to hear back.

Chao Chao evolved from Soothsayer, which opened in January 2016. The restaurant then closed without any notice to patrons at the end of September 2016. Brown paper covered the front windows for several months before the space re-emerged as Chao Chao last November.

In October 2016, CB3 issued a strong, two-plus page denial for an upgrade to Soothysayer's beer-wine license to full liquor. You can read the official meeting minutes here. The denial starts on Page 12.

Among other reasons, "the applicant proposed using the backyard area for dining, although no certificate of occupancy was provided to demonstrate the legality of the commercial use of the backyard and there had been numerous complaints from residents regarding commercial use of backyards in this neighborhood."

Upon seeking their initial full liquor license in July 2015, Soothysayer placed signs around the storefront asking residents to "join us as we rally for our liquor license and for the approval to open a cozy back patio."

The previous tenant here, B.A.D. Burger, closed in January 2015 after three-plus years. B.A.D. Burger was never able to secure a beer-wine license for the space. After CB3 denied his beer-wine request in 2012, B.A.D. Burger owner Keith Masco reportedly called the board "fascist."


Anonymous said...

Keith Masco is right in describing CB3 as "fascist." "Totalitarian" would also be apt. The criminal entity known as the State has no right to deny a restaurant the ability to serve whatever food/drink it wants.

Here's hoping Keith Masco gets with libertarianism and anarchy.
Death to the State!


Anonymous said...

"open a cozy back patio" like a utility company asking to put a nuclear power plant near your home "a safe, cost effective source of electricity with no possible ill affects".

Gojira said...

My bus stop is right in front of this location. When I get home from work around 8 PM, more often than not the place is empty or hosting a single table, possibly two.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. They were trying to get full liquor so to dump it.
This other neighborhood restaurateur got all up in the grill of opposing residents. The deal failed. Now the douchebag is up the block in a corporate change, but won't ever get full liquor there.

Anonymous said...

Keep moving forward, kiddos. This spot is doomed.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

I live aboveboard it and they're the worst neighbors. Greedy with that full liquor license and backyard! Jeez oh Pete! Westville does it right! I'd love to see another great operator like that!