Saturday, June 3, 2017

Report: Teen lied about assault at Avenue A deli

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Back in April, Dia El-Deen Hassan, a clerk at Kamaran Deli and Grocery on Avenue A at Fifth Street, was arrested for assault after reportedly hitting a customer with a baseball bat and calling her a tranny.

Authorities now say that the bashing claim was bogus, the Daily News reports today.

The clerk and his attorney denied the allegations from the outset and said that 18-year-old Noel Torres was trying to steal beer.

Surveillance video from the deli reportedly confirms the clerk's version of events. The charges against Hassan are expected to be dropped next week.

Police arrested Torres, who was charged with filing a false report charge, per the News.

The clerk's attorney, Stuart Meltzer, said this about Torres' actions:

"Laws designed to protect the disadvantaged, those that are different, that stand out in society and that are clearly targets … are very important laws and they're designed to protect the fabric of our society."


Anonymous said...

Remember how everyone on this blog immediately jumped to judgment?

Pinch said...

Another example of the importance of waiting for all the facts before coming to conclusions and then making decisions based on those conclusions (such as some did when this story was first reported).

DrGecko said...

How come cops who file false police reports are never charged with a crime?

Anonymous said...

Why does it take 2 MONTHS to review surveillance camera footage??? All that time, the clerk had been arrested & was charged with assault - while the perp walked free. Something is very wrong with this entire situation.

Anonymous said...

This is why nobody trusts nobody.

Anonymous said...

I do remember reading the comments after this happened on the Grieve and everyone DID rush to the conclusion that this poor Transgender Person was beat up by the evil store owner for no reason.

And I'm sure someone blamed Donald Trump for this too! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly not one of those that rushed to judgement have come back to express their surprise/regret.

NMM said...

I talked to Hassan a couple of days ago, he'd been in court that day and "ALL CHARGES DROPPED"! Told ya.. That will teach the idiots who were all set to lynch him and boycott the store based on a false report of someone who got caught shoplifting. I'm actually surprised the court date was so soon.