Friday, July 10, 2020

Checking in on the Parkside Lounge

Text and photos by Stacie Joy

When we last checked in on the Parkside Lounge in April, owner Christopher Lee shared his story of recovering from COVID-19.

The corner bar on Houston and Attorney opened for take-home drinks on July 3, and debuted a small area for curbside seating on the Fourth of July.

[Christopher Lee]

On the July 4 holiday, Lee created the day’s special (the Thirsty Patriot, a vodka and soda drink) and taped up signs on the newly built outdoor seating. The local artist who built it, Joe Kay of Six Quarter Studio, stopped by for a beer and some last-minute adjustments. Soon, the first customers begin to arrive...

[Lucille the bartender]

Parkside’s hours are flexible right now. You can keep an eye on the bar's Instagram for updates.

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Parkside Lounge owner Christopher Lee talks about his recovery from COVID-19


Anonymous said...

Lucille! Glad to see she's still in the neighborhood (I'm an old Mars fly). Parkside has always been a favorite spot and I'm happy to see they're pushing through this ordeal.

Felton Davis said...

There it is, or was, the final scene of "Time Out of Mind," directed by Oren Moverman, and starring Richard Gere and his buddy Ben Vereen, in and out of the men's shelter adjacent to Bellevue, and wandering around Tompkins Square Park. His daughter, played by the scrumptious Jena Malone, works as a waitress at the Parkside Lounge. She's been telling her father to stop asking her for money, but when he comes into the Parkside, she just might be having a change of heart. I won't spoil it for you, certainly not. . .