Friday, July 10, 2020

Winter Flowers looking radiant this summer

More Winter Flowers have arrived along the fence at La Plaza Cultural on Avenue C at Ninth Street...

Rolando Politi created these unique sculptures from discarded materials in 2000, and displayed them at the community garden. The Winter Flowers, numbering nearly 250, had to be removed when La Plaza received a new fence last year.

He started hanging them back here in May.

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Winter Flowers return this spring at La Plaza Cultural


Gojira said...

Lovely! Thanks to Mr. Politi for this explosion of color and beauty, we certainly need all we can get of both right now!

Anonymous said...

It's true! The sculptures are wonderful and I was so thankful to see them return. They are unique and cheerful and emblematic of the 'hood.

Rob Warren said...

They look great. Hits the spot.