Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hoops return to the Tompkins Square Park basketball courts

Workers in Tompkins Square Park were spotted late this afternoon putting the hoops back up in the Tompkins Square Park basketball courts... one of the amenities that the city was returning for the start of Phase 3.

And as this photo by Goggla shows, some kids were ready to play. However, any kind of organized team sports and group play are off-limits, as they remain high-risk activities.

The Parks Department removed the hoops on March 26.

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Anonymous said...

This is typical de Blasio idiocy: Yeah, you can go shoot hoops, but be sure you don't interact with any other people who are ALSO there shooting hoops at the same time as you! Crazy.

Might as well say that dogs in the dog run can't step on the same blade of grass that any other dog has stepped on.