Friday, September 11, 2020

Ki Smith returns home, and debuts Ki Smith Gallery on 4th Street

The Ki Smith Gallery is now open on Fourth Street (first reported here) ... EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by the soft opening on Wednesday evening to check out new works on paper by Caslon Bevington, Morell Cutler, Charlie Hudson, Max "Senor Melon" Hodgson, Sono Kuwayama, Julia Powers, Luke Ivy Price, Kiyomi Taylor and Sei Smith...

[Sono Kuwayama]

[Caslon Bevington]

[The work of Kiyomi Taylor]

[Charlie Hudson]

Ki Smith is an East Village native and current resident... he most recently showcased emerging artists from a space on West 125th Street. Smith has worked for 10 years as an independent curator. His résumé includes launching the Bushwick-based gallery and performance space Apostrophe in 2012.

"It took us 10 years to make it back to the East Village where I grew up," Smith said with a laugh.

The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. You can follow them on Instagram here.

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david said...

Hudson's work i like