Friday, September 11, 2020

'Open' your eyes to this nighttime walk through the East Village

Here's info about a new nighttime walking tour through parts of the neighborhood... via the EVG inbox...

"OPEN" is a series of temporary light art installations occupying a selection of storefronts in the East Village. Visitors are invited to discover the neighborhood anew via a mapped out nightwalk. The walk links both empty and occupied storefronts transformed through a mix of light projections and radiant effusions of color.

Sponsored by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York (DLFNY), the Flint Collective NYC partnered with lighting manufacturers and local business owners to respond to a city transformed by the global pandemic. In the rhythm of closed storefronts "OPEN" offers an optimistic pause of light and color.

"People may be cynical in thinking of these storefronts as failed capitalism, but each one has a history and plays a vital role in creating and sustaining vibrant communities," said Yasmina Palumbo of neighboring business MUD NYC and site partner for OPEN.

The installation is spread out across eight sites in the East Village and is active from Saturday Sept. 12 through Sept. 20, 7:30-11 p.m.

The following sites are on the tour:

• 155 Avenue B
• 111 East 7th Street
• 336 East 11th Street
• 307 East 9th Street
• 436 East 9th Street
• 337 East 9th Street
• 107 Ave B
• Secret Site

And if a map helps...


Anonymous said...

Define secret site.

panthera said...

Certain "lifestyle" issues like crime, garbage accumulation, aggressive homeless, weed growth, etc definitely seem worse.. . But I gotta be honest, the neighborhood hasn't felt this "alive", "real" and tilted back toward "diversity" in at least 10-15 years. Maybe it's in my head. This specific light installation is a nice reminder of communal creativity, which for years we had to take the L EASTward to Bushwick or Ridgewood or Greenpoint to see. Love the East Village more than ever ❤️. (Although I do watch our backs and lock our doors more than ever for my family.)

Anonymous said...

Not in your head. I agree 100%. Hasn't felt this way since mid 2000s.

Christopher N said...

Thank you for this blog 🖤

Christopher N said...

🖤 this Blog 🖤

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t go down famous St. Marks where all the students are hanging out maskless.

Unknown said...

As a resident of the Best Neighborhood in NYC... the East Village!!! I Pray this Great sense of community and inclusion will continue going forward with Equality and Respect for everyone reopening safely and healthy.

Jose Garcia said...

Miss Kita the Wonder Dog went for a stroll along the OPEN trail this evening. It was humble and subtle and perhaps a work in progress at some stops but it's lovely to see someone doing something positive right here near home. Thanks very much to the organizers et al and etc. xo, jg