Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Leasing underway at Stella LES on Avenue C and Houston (and 2nd Street)

Leasing is now underway at Stella LES, the new 10-floor, 45-unit residential building that has been going up these past four years on the northwest corner of Avenue C and Houston. (The official address is 251 E. Second St.)

Streeteasy currently lists seven units, ranging in price from $4,480 for a one-bedroom unit (587 square feet) to $8,160 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home (1,159 square feet).

And a description of the building:
Set within a unique triangular plot, Stella's architectural footprint offers studio-to-two bedroom residences with sunlit spaces and multiple exposures. Public areas are equipped with ultraviolet LED in-duct air purification systems proactively treating the air and reducing airborne and surface contaminants. With amenities such as a fitness center, roof deck and resident’s lounge, discover unmatched conveniences in a haven for Lower East Side living.
And Stella LES pays tribute to famed acting teacher Stella Adler, per the marketing materials:
Inspired by outspoken theater pioneer and Lower East Side native Stella Adler, Stella LES is a boutique 45 unit development that reflects her wildly independent spirit, her iconic status, and her fierce commitment to furthering her craft.
As previously noted, Stella LES joins the other newer residential buildings nearby bearing a single name — The Adele and The Robyn

Foundation work began in December 2016 here on this lot that housed the neighborhood's last gas station. Architect of record Rotwein+Blake previously stated that "the narrow triangular site presented numerous challenges from its odd shape to zoning constraints."

You can find the official Stella LES website here. The leasing gallery is on the property.

The building also boasts retail space on the ground floor.


Anonymous said...
Elaine saying Ste-lllaaah

Anonymous said...

Wow Stella "A place for independent hearts" according to their fancy website page with one bedrooms apartments listed as starting at $3,840. I remember that location used to be a gas station. Got to love gentrification.

Gojira said...

"Inspired by...Stella Adler, Stella LES...reflects her wildly independent spirit, her iconic status, and her fierce commitment to furthering her craft" - seriously, what kind of drugs does one need to ingest in order to be able to write such unhinged drivel? Whatever they are, I would like some, please, I could use the disconnect from reality for awhile.

I await "The Melania", a tribute from one of his fellow developer buddies to our deposed Fearless Leader, whose name is anathema on his own edifices.

hywel dda said...

To invoke the name of Stella Adler to hawk another gentrified pile of glass borders on artistic blasphemy. That copy is shameful. Yes, she had an "independent spirit" but that spirit was always in service to her art and she taught that one must always first assume the "responsibility of the platform" and not just make glib sounds - like this putrid copy. I am appalled.

Sarah said...

Whew. $4500 to live on Ave C without a doorman.

Anonymous said...


bill said...

Beautiful view of the Houston Street trafffffick. Ick.

Ronnie said...

to live right on Houston... at Ave C ... in a $5,000 a month1 bedroom ... utterly charming

Anonymous said...

“If you're not inside you're outside”
Obviously you have to be “inside” to afford these rents
strongly doubt that the people even work normal jobs. Probably got lucky on Some stock of Bitcoin investment.

Anonymous said...

150-180K annual salary to qualify for a 500 sq ft LOL
Bur with it comes status and the feeling that you get when you look at the 99%

Anonymous said...

The Melania, love it. But I wouldn't if it actually happened.