Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Openings: Rosemary's East, an Italian restaurant at 350 1st Ave.

And just a little outside the usual coverage zone for this one... Rosemary's East debuts today at 350 First Ave. at 20th Street. (News of this arrival dates to the fall of 2019.) 

The @Stuytown Instagram account had this quickie overview: "The Italian restaurant, whose menu is heavy on pasta and pizza, has an extensive wine bar, sidewalk cafe, and an airy, indoor dining room with skylights." 

Rosemary's East is a sibling to Rosemary's on Greenwich Avenue and part of the Casa Nela hospitality company. 

According to the Post, Stuy Town-Peter Cooper landlord the Blackstone Group has revenue "participation" in the new restaurant. "Blackstone paid for what the partners called a 'significant' portion of the buildout for the 6,800 square-foot space," the Post reported. 

Will update with menus and hours once that info is available.

Petite Abeille and Vamos! previously occupied this space. 

Image via @Stuytown

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