Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Plywood report on the SW corner of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street

Over the weekend, workers removed the pretty exquisite Exquisite Cleaners signage from the southwest corner of First Avenue and Third Street as renovations continue here. 

ICYMI (first post here): A cafe, "specializing in small, handmade wines," is in the works for the space from the owners of Urban Wine & Spirits a few storefronts away. 

Exquisite Cleaners shut down in the summer of 2020 ... one of 10 dry cleaners in the East Village to close during the pandemic.


Steph said...

Love Urban Wine & Spirits, excited to see what they do with this space. Great team there and have been open throughout the entire pandemic. I'm interested to see how they redesign the space.
That said, still miss the guys at Exquisite Cleaners - they were great neighbors and friends.

Anonymous said...

Wine cafe sounds lovely, but I miss the cleaners. He was my go-to guy for so many years. There are less and less service businesses on this stretch.