Thursday, May 8, 2014

Perbacco is closed for remodeling

Speaking of wine bars on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B… Perbacco has been closed of late. There's no sign up on the gate, which made a few fans of the well-regarded Italian restaurant nervous.

However, the Perbacco website has an announcement explaining that they are closed until later this month "for exciting remodeling."

One thing that we have heard loud and clear from our guests is a rapidly growing interest in wine. In order to cater to this growing interest, we will be putting more of a spotlight on our wine selection. We will even be using a Coravin wine system so that we can offer every single wine in the restaurant by-the-glass (as well as by bottle). This will enable us to introduce new food and wine pairings, flights, even classes!

Without jeopardizing the comfortable ambiance our guests have come to appreciate, we will be putting our wine cellar on display with a stunning glass wall-of-wines, and adding some lounge furniture. Imagine cozy comfort meets contemporary elegance.

The announcement states that Perbacco will reopen "in late May."

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Gojira said...

Be still my wine-sodden heart. I didn't realize Boone's Farm and Ripple were still big sellers for the 'woo' crowd.