Friday, December 11, 2015

Report: Toledano tenants hanging tough in face of evictions

The Villager checks in with a piece this week about residents now living in buildings owned by new landlord Raphael Toledo (pictured right).

As the paper notes, to date, "Toledano, who purchased more than a dozen properties in the area this year, hasn’t made the best of impressions on his new tenants, who have reported late-night phone calls and ominous visits by his associates that leave them feeling threatened."

And there have been a few eviction notices, which arrived after buyout offers. Lawyer David Frazer currently represents three Toledano tenants in rent-regulated apartments in the neighborhood.

“Two of the cases that I currently represent involve completely made-up allegations by the landlord, one of which they’ve already caved in on and given my client a renewal lease,” Frazer told The Villager.

The attorney said that case involved a tenant who had a pseudonym listed on his mailbox from the beginning of his tenancy, which the landlord used as evidence to claim that the man was illegally subletting the apartment.

Read the whole Villager article here.

In a $97 million deal, Toledano and Brook Hill closed on a 16-building East Village portfolio back in the fall.

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