Monday, December 14, 2015

Signage arrives for Avenida on Avenue B

[Photo yesterday via EVG reader David]

Several readers pointed out the arrival of the Avenida name at 25 Avenue B this past weekend.

According to the questionnaire (the PDF is here) that was filed ahead of the September CB3/SLA committee meeting, there was a 100 percent corporate change for the business, from the short-lived Matty's to a new venture/bar called Avenida Cantina.

However, despite the new concept and partners, this item was not heard in front of the committee. The paperwork shows that the new proprietor served as manager of East End Bar & Grill on First Avenue between 86th Street and 87th Street. (Not sure what East End is like these days. In July 2010, CB8 unanimously rejected the bar's application for a sidewalk cafe. According to DNAinfo, "Neighbors at the public hearing testified that the post-college age crowd drunkenly wrestles in front of the bar and sometimes urinates on their doorsteps.")

In recent years, this space between East Second Street and East Third Street was home for two months to Matty's ... and, earlier, Idle Hands, Station B and Billy Hurricane's. (And upon a time — Save the Robots.)

Avenida Cantina will just be one of the new occupants along this part of Avenue B.

The pet store next door is closing, and the space is for rent...

And the former deli next to Cornerstone closed earlier in the year... the space was gutted and glammed up...

...and is now on the market...

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Unknown said...

Wait wait wait. Take a look at the 30 Day Notice which is in complete contravention to the Method of Operation on the original stip.
It is supposed to be a restaurant with background music. We stopped the Cock and we notified Susan Stetzer of this but to no avail. Wtf?wtf? Let's get ready for SantaBros next december

Anonymous said...

This end of Avenue B is turning into a real nightmare. Weekend drunken brunches, sports bars with no fronts and the noise of a stadium pouring out. The shit landlords could care less about who or what rents these spaces and their apartment renters live in hell.

Anonymous said...

The greed on this stretch of Avenue B seems to far outpace the demand. If the landlords would calm down and rent to some businesses that might actually add to the neighborhood and its desirability, instead of turning it into a trashy strip of empty stores or shitty bars, they might see some real sustainable revenue down the line.

Anonymous said...

Fucking sick of what's going on down here.
Poco, Mama's have been HELL, and now Mama's is serving "boozy brunch" with their open facade (with food from Root & Bone). They have tables and more "picket fences" ready to go to combine with root and bone, which is such bullshit because it's basically the same place and the CB3 needs to get on that.
It's already become hell over there.

I really, really hope Avenida is actually just a cool, decent restaurant.
The sign looks nice and fits in with the hood. That gives SOME hope...maybe? The word cantina scares me.

So will this be heard at CB3 or what? That's a big space to just be handed over a liquor license with everything that's been going on.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:01 FYI CB3 came down pretty hard on Poco last week for blatantly ignoring everything they're supposed to do and being total assholes, and I think it's going to a higher level to get their outdoor cafe shut down finally. Hopefully that actually happens. Not that it'll help much with cortadito, mamas, etc. and the fact that their entire facade opens up.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to cortadito a month or so ago. I think CB3 has now denied both of their sidewalk cafes.