Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reader report: Animal Crackers has closed

A reader walked by the family-run pet store on Second Street between First Avenue and Avenue A and was surprised to find it empty this morning ... the reader recalls seeing it open as recently as last week... (In February 2011, the NYPD closed the store for receiving stolen property.)

Any patrons of the store know what happened ...?

By my count, this makes the fourth pet store to close in the East Village in the past year or so...

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Anonymous said...

The store owners generously offered a free for all last week to take what you want. I brought over a hand truck and took litter and food. I tapped on the door of Social Tee's animal rescue and told them to come too! It was awesome there. At least 4 animal rescue organizations were picking up food for pets in need!
Hats off to the owner's generosity!!