Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wall Street Journal investigates St. Mark's Place Supreme Slice 'experiment;' wither $1 pizza?

The Wall Street Journal today looks at the new $1.50 SUPREME Slice that 2 Bros. Plus is selling at 36 St. Mark's Place ... a few storefronts away from where they sell the $1 slice...

To the article!

According to Eli Halali, who owns the 2 Bros. Pizza chain with his brother, the 50% price hike is an experiment to gauge customer reaction to a larger and higher-quality slice.


If successful, Mr. Halali said the chain would consider adding the Supreme Slice at some of its other locations, in addition to keeping the $1 slice. He stressed that the $1 slice was in no way in jeopardy.


The Supreme Slice is cut from a 22-inch pie, versus the normal 18 inches. The sauce is different, made with plum Italian tomatoes; and the baking process is longer and more involved, said Mr. Halali.

And how does that Supreme Slice taste compared with the non-supreme slice? Said one customer, No difference. "I don't expect great taste for $1 and I don't expect better taste for $1.50."

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