Friday, August 17, 2012

Report: Historic Anglo-Italianate townhouse on East 10th Street to serve as Olsen twin love nest

You know those beautiful homes at 123-125 E. 10th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenues, the single-family Anglo-Italianate townhouses? These.

After nearly four years on the market, Crain's reported in June that an unnamed buyer picked up the five-story, 4,200-square-foot home at No. 123 close to its asking price of $6.25 million. (No. 125 remains on the market.)

Today, Page Six reveals who bought the house: Olivier Sarkozy, who is the half-brother of the former French president as well as the beau of Olsen twin Mary-Kate.

Per Page Six, he "plans to share the palatial 146-year-old love nest with Olsen, sources said. Sarkozy is buying it because he and Olsen “like that it is old,” a real estate insider told The Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil. The 4,200-square-foot home, built the year Abraham Lincoln took office, was designed by architect James Renwick Jr., best-known for St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Smithsonian."


"The sale has brokers wondering if Mary-Kate’s sister Ashley will snap up the house’s twin."

[Heh — twin]

Anyway, here's a look inside the place from a previous post. Meanwhile, we have some Photoshopping to do...


pinhead said...

Wasn't one of the twins already spotted there?

EV Grieve said...

Ha! You beat me to it!

pinhead said...

Sorry! All credit to you--It's a classic bit!

EV Grieve said...

@ pinhead

I think you mean "klassic."

Gojira said...

Maybe the Olsen twins can go rip David Schwimmer a new one for destroying that lovely townhouse he bought. And boo to Barden Prisant for selling out (in more ways than one) to him in the first place.

No More Please said...

Great...more douchebags!