Thursday, April 24, 2014

At Biomed Drugs & Surgical Supply Co., closing soon on 3rd Avenue

As Biomed Drugs & Surgical Supply Co. continues its going-out-of-business sale at 50 Third Ave. near East 10th Street, Jeremiah Moss pays a visit to the store.

Biomed was one of a dying breed of surgical supply shops, the place to go if you needed a bedpan or a sling or some rubber catheter tubing, a knee brace, a sitz bath, crutches, or a wheelchair.

They still have an impressive selection of podiatry products, including bunion regulators and hammer toe cushions.

High rents did the store in, the cashier told Jeremiah. And what might be next? The cashier figures "a chain, a restaurant or a bar — they're the only ones that can afford the rent."

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Biomed Drugs & Surgical Supply Co. closing on 3rd Avenue


Anonymous said...

Who really needs surgical supplies?

Anonymous said...

When "you" need them, you'll know.

Gojira said...

Yeah but the target audience in that area is some 50 years away from needing any "senior citizen" stuff; they look at it and it doesn't even register, since their knees don't twinge yet, their backs don't ache, they don't need glasses to read. I am assuming Anon. 7:51 is a member of that invincible, ageless crowd, confident that his body will never betray him, and that he will never require such "useless" stuff.

Anonymous said...

I go to mom and pop shops as much as possible (I own one myself), but I live across the street from here and rarely went in because they were often nasty...That could have done them in as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the giant Duane Reade at 3rd and 10th had something to do with it... but where will I get a donut pillow now!