Monday, April 28, 2014

Work on Educational Alliance extension, the former 'mosquito hazard,' resumes on Avenue D

[July 2012]

Back in the summer of 2012, the Orchard Alley community garden on East Fourth Street closed due to a "mosquito hazard" coming from the long-stalled site at 27 Avenue D, where the Educational Alliance planned to add an extension to their existing building. (NY1 covered the story here.)

There's plenty of progress to report here now … as the city has signed off on all the necessary permits.

The work continues…

The rendering on the plywood shows a building looking like…

… this.

After digging the foundation for the extension, the site sat dormant, collecting water and reportedly breeding mosquitos, dating back to 2008.

The Educational Alliance location at 25 Avenue D is a co-ed facility "for adults struggling with chemical dependencies." The extension will reportedly offer housing for its residents. DOB permits put the cost estimate for the new building at $4.9 million.

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Anonymous said...

Along with our fabulous community gardens come the not so fabulous mosquito invasion each summer. If you are a member of such a garden or have an outdoor space behind your building please be aware of any container which holds water and make sure it is either turned over so not to collect rain water. The garden behind my building is so infested each year I just can't use it after the first couple weeks of June.