Saturday, April 26, 2014

Debbie Harry, Rosario Dawson and other 'Heroines of the Lower East Side'

Work continues on Centre-fuge Cycle 13, the rotating outdoor gallery/construction trailer here along East First Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Unlike previous cycles, No. 13 is a solo effort by Lexi Bella … in a collection titled "Heroines of the Lower East Side" to coincide with the first Lower East Side History Month, which kicks off on Thursday (BoweryBoogie first reported on this back on April 18).

There are some familiar faces so far …

… and LaMama founder Ellen Stewart

The murals should be completed by Thursday.

Find more info about Centre-fuge here.


And sort of an accidental shot…


Anonymous said...

Who's the yellow group? It looks familiar but I can't place it. Madeline?

Anonymous said...

Pretty good likenesses! I guess Chico isn't behind this project.

Gojira said...

Now, see, I would find it far more visually interesting to have a construction trailer painted with the likenesses of the New York Dolls, circa 1971, as the taxi suggests.