Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sunburnt Cow closes for good after this weekend

As previously noted, The Sunburnt Cow closes this weekend after 11 years at 137 Avenue C near East Ninth Street.

Owner Heathe St Clair recently posted this message to the Sunburnt Cow Facebook page:

It is very sad for me to say The Cow is closing!
It took 2 years and 5 attempts in different locations around NYC to open. The weekend after we did finally open was the blackout of 2003. We made the best of it with candles an outside BBQ, local musicians played and of course we had ice cold beer. Looking back we really couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the neighborhood.

The Cow has been a gigantic part of my life and a dream come true. She has taught me so may things, introduced me to more people than I can remember. She's been integral in so many coming together and finding love, some lasting, some fleeting but love none the less.

She played music that made you dance in a time the law said "NO" Somehow we got away with it when so many got caught. We brunched better than any and probably still do! I remember back then so many of my restaurant friends asking me how I thought I was going to make money from the "Endless Brunch". Now it seems every restaurant in NYC is offering bottomless brunch. I have to shout out Stingy Lulu's who I stole the idea from.

And there will be various DJs and what not this weekend…

The city approved a gut renovation and additional floor for the building here at No. 137 last month. (Good luck tossing another floor atop here. Several readers have noted that the building leans a bit… )

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The Sunburnt Cow closes for good at the end of this month


Anonymous said...

Buildings this old which have no supporting building on one side as this one might pose an engineering nightmare. Let's see what happens. Sorry for the people losing their homes.

Anonymous said...

That building has been empty for a few months. The new landlords didn't renew any leases and the last tenants seemed to have left over the winter. The building leans more than a little. To the casual observer it seems like the venture capital company that bought the building is trying to do something shady. I don't know what, but don't be surprised if the building gets condemned, knocked down and a shiny new building gets built in it's place.

Armand. A. Ruhlman said...

sounds like a very familiar story around this area...a funky building catches fire or falls down - mysteriously ? - and the investor's/owners slap up a condo complex...