Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week in Grieview

Fuck, Kim's Video & Music is closing (Monday)

Details on the 2 new residential buildings coming to East 14th Street (Thursday)

RIP Derek Lloyd, director of production at PS 122 (Friday)

The Christodora House gym and pool for sale (Wednesday)

Life in a building undergoing another round of gut renovations (Tuesday)

More photos of the hawk eggs (Monday)

Avenue C "residents with children" not happy with Babel Lounge (Monday, 37 comments)

Out and About with Bill Gerstel (Wednesday)

A new Nicky's at the old Nicky's (Tuesday)

Cocktail maven vying for former Exchange Alley space (Wednesday)

2 new real-estate offices for East Ninth Street (Monday)

Bar Veloce hostage drama from 2002 dramatized for cable (Wednesday)

Virage is now Bar Virage (Thursday)

Brick Lane Curry is finally relocating (Tuesday)

A peek inside the former 7A (Friday)

"Farm-to-table-Mexican" for the former Boukiés space (Monday)

A smaller sidewalk cafe for The Fourth (Thursday)

The Sunburnt Cow closes for good (Friday)


blue glass said...

oh great! virage says it is "giving back to the community" by "A 25-seat bar has replaced the previous six-seater"
just what we need, more seats for drunk asses.

Anonymous said...

And still only one bartender.

Walter said...

I'm a very mild mannered man. Never looking for trouble. But this fucking asshole place called "Virage" on East 7th Street and 2nd Avenue is appropriating more and more of the sidewalk. Never seen any familiar faces in that place. I will call 311 on them on a daily basis. Would be nice if some of you would join suit.

Walter said...

I'm fucking sick and tired of having these chi-chi al fresco places occupying half the fucking sidewalk. This stupid 'Virage' place has its tables and chairs occupying more than half of the sidewalk. So they create a bottle-neck, where people have to move out into the street to get passage. PS: Never saw a face in that place that looked familiar from the neighborhood. It's a legacy from Bloomberg, who thought he could turn New York into a picturesque small European town. Well, guess'll never happen. This is not Florence.