Monday, April 28, 2014

Full reveal at 227 E. Seventh St.

[Photo from February by Dave on 7th]

The plywood covering the entrance to the all-new 227 E. Seventh St. came down on Dave on 7th discovered...

The classic-brick building here (that people seem to like) just west of Avenue C will feature "classic full floor condominium residences" with either two or three bedrooms. Still waiting for pricing via the 227 teaser site.

For now, let's just admire the front door and window.

[Photo by EVG reader Greg]

Also, the rusty look is apparently in on East 7th Street, as Dave on 7th notes...

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Anonymous said...

Great looking building but the rust bucket on the ground level I could do without. I wonder if graffiti will clean off this metal without messing up the patina? Some architects don't fully understand a site or the neighborhood completely when making design choices.

Anonymous said...

I'll give them a pass on the brick and on the windows. But those balconies suck dog dick. If I lived there, I'd rather just have another window, and the additional apartment space.
And what is that supposed to be above the top floor apt. balcony? A diving platform?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a few "doesn't suck" new construction.